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About Teesha

About Teesha

Dr. Teesha Morgan is a well known, highly trained, and experienced Couples Counsellor and Sex Therapist. Her honesty, insight, and unique academic background have helped to transform the lives of countless men and women. Through the use of cognitive-behavioural techniques and effective communication strategies, she believes that anyone is able to achieve the kind of deep relationship connection, and sexual satisfaction, that they have always imagined.

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Dr. Teesha Morgan is currently on maternity leave AND has moved her practice to Kelowna, BC. During this transition period Dr. Morgan is only accepting clients via Skype or phone Рplease note, no couples counselling is done via Skype/phone, only individual therapy. This website will be updated when Dr Morgan returns to work full time, however in the meantime, there is a waitlist for sessions. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


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If you are a Certified Therapist, GP, Physiotherapist, Counsellor, or other mental health care professional, 50 minute phone or Skype consultation sessions with Dr. Morgan are available. These sessions are meant to help assist you with your current client(s) who are experiencing sexuality based issues. Consultations typically cover questions regarding your clients progress, how to support them effectively, and specific sexuality based education regarding your clients concerns (e.g. My client is experiencing vaginal pain, could it be vaginismus, and how do I help her heal and move past this?).



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