Individual Counselling


Both short term and long term counselling services are available. Short term counselling typically lasts between 3-5 sessions and focuses more on specific sexuality based concerns.


Examples of common concerns that can often be addressed through short term counselling


  • Erectile dysfunction (premature and delayed ejaculation, difficulty obtaining and sustaining an erection)
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Lack of sexual interest or desire (Low Libido)                                        
  • Sexuality based education

Examples of common concerns that are often addressed through counselling lasting longer than 3-5 sessions


  • Communication concerns and conflicts
  • Infidelity, trust/betrayal issues
  • Difficulties with intimacy and boundaries
  • Life transitions and personal growth
  • Reconnection
  • Repair or healing
  • Painful intercourse or insertion (Vaginismus, Dyspareunia etc)
  • Obstacles to intimacy
  • Relationship infidelity
  • Sexual communication and negotiation
  • Navigating ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, Swinging etc)
  • Sexual exploration and intimacy development
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation concerns
  • Fetishism and atypical sexual behaviours
  • Cross-dressing and paraphilia concerns


Therapist and Client Consultations 

Phone or Skype consultations are available to Therapists and other mental health care professionals looking to gain some insight into how they can better understand, support, and help aid in the development of, their clients. These case consultations are usually geared towards learning more about a specific issue their client may be struggling with – e.g. Does my client have Vaginismus? If so, what are the first steps we should take to help in their understanding and healing, and should I be referring this client to another therapist?
*Standard hourly rates apply – A receipt will be given for insurance purposes and to claim for professional development.

Consultations are also available to the general public who wish to gain a better understanding about a specific issue without the general therapeutic aspect taking centre stage. These are short term consults (1-3 sessions) that are based in education and a non-judgemental atmosphere. Sessions are 80 or 50 minutes in length, at $240 or $170 (taxes are included and a receipt will be provided).