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Couples Counselling

Servies Provided Couples Counselling

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Public Speaking and Educational Events

Dr Morgan is currently a speaker with the National Speakers Bureau (NSB). She travels across Canada giving talks at Universities and other public and private run events. Contact Dr Morgan for more information on pricing, topics and availability.

View recent TEDx talk on Masturbation Myths

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Freelance Writing

Dr Morgan is a freelance writer that specializes in improving ones relationships, communication and sexual health. Contact Dr Morgan for more information regarding content and fees.

Skype/Phone Sessions

Not all of Dr Morgans clients are able to come to her office for face to face sessions. If Skype/phone counselling is a must because of your location – or you would simply prefer phone sessions over in person therapy – contact the office for pricing and scheduling options. Couples counselling is not available via Skype or phone.