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$170 per 50 minute session 
(this total includes all taxes)

I offer both one-on-one short term counselling or long term psychotherapy services.

Short term counselling typically lasts between 3-5 sessions and focuses more on specific sexuality based concerns. 

I do currently offer long distance (Zoom) sessions for individuals. 


Not every relationships destination is marriage, however moving forward with confidence requires good communication surrounding certain key issues or concerns. Whatever the concerns, consider discussing these within an environment designed to highlight the good, effectively evaluate your differences, and examine your common values, beliefs, and future goals.


Kelowna’s LGBTQ community is thriving, and so should the relationships within it. Couples’ counselling with Dr Morgan is designed to address all of the core issues and common concerns that every loving couple – within any relationship structure – must face.


$240 per 80 minute session
(this total includes all taxes)


All couples counselling session are 80 minutes in length

I do currently offer long distance (Zoom) sessions for couples.

ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy)
Polyamory &
Non-Conforming relationships

Not everyone fits into the traditional structure of monogamy. Dr Morgan provides both counselling and guidance on how to have a successful long term loving relationship outside of the parameters of monogamy.


KINK Literacy

*Levels of KINK Literacy 
Dr Morgan is "Kink-Knowledgeable"
Kink-knowledgeable means that a provider has previously provider professional services to multiple individuals in the lifestyle. Very experienced in distinctly kinky concepts and lifestyles.

If you are looking to book a long distance

session please email Dr Morgan at

*Unfortunately insurance does not cover sessions with clients who live outside of Canada. If you are located outside of CND you will not be able to book a session.  

Due to the COVID outbreak, I am offering both individual and couples counselling via Zoom (long distance). No in person sessions will take place at this time. 

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Common Concerns Addressed Through Couples Counselling 

  • Communication concerns and conflicts

  • Infidelity, trust/betrayal issues

  • Difficulties with intimacy and boundaries

  • Life transitions and personal growth

  • Reconnection

  • Repair or healing


Common Issues Addressed Through Sexuality Based Counselling

  • Erectile dysfunction (premature and delayed ejaculation, difficulty obtaining and sustaining an erection)

  • Inability to achieve orgasm

  • Painful intercourse or insertion (Vaginismus, Dyspareunia)

  • Lack of sexual interest or desire (Low Libido)

  • Courtship concerns

  • Obstacles to intimacy

  • Relationship infidelity

  • Sexual communication and negotiation

  • Sexual exploration and intimacy development

  • Gender identity and sexual orientation concerns

  • Sexual education

  • Fetishism and atypical sexual behaviours

  • Cross-dressing and paraphilia concerns


214 - 3001 Tutt Street

Kelowna, BC

Mon - Fri: 9am-8pm


Tel: 778-838-9624

*Office hours by appointment only​​

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